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Floods 1931
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Sir Robert Philp
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Railway Station c.1900
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under the same external conditions there will of course still be
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Telegrams ENVOY FINSQUARE LONDON. Telephone Central.
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fection which by the way much resembled Oriental sore in
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uncertainties which arise from imperfect knowledge of the localiza
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associated with constitutional ill health general debility depres
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although it will not destroy or hinder segmentation it
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other indications which nearly always occasion restivenesa
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one a male and one a female. Eeduction in my own case
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feet between the houses became infected and so remained for
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the chest returned a clear sound on percussion nor could a vestige of
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The twelfth is indeterminate. These last seven varie
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entered upon the threshold of our New Year and so it
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panying fever which saps the strength. Hence the need for every effort
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of an operation and Dr. James B. Hunter saw the case
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impairments. Though we find it expedient to consider Consecutive
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one third only of the posterior lip was found free from ulcera
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well known opinion which he had arrived at through a long list
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large intestine as the natural history of one animal or vegetable species
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would not be led into it except to defend myself from
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T Ftit Stm Honsten Tent for duty froni Fort Benjamin Harrifoaa
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only when the heart symptoms declare themselves. But


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