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Floods 1931
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Sir Robert Philp
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History of a Street Name
Opening of Toowong Library
Railway Station c.1900
Sisters of Mercy
Poster - Sale of the Glen Olive Garden Estate from 1924
Significant Toowong Tree Report
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Local Area Plan

past four years has had repeated attacks of earache on left
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an irresistible plague, in the form ofspotted fever.
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Izlar, H. L., Winston-Salem, N. C, Med. Coll., 1915 1916 1916
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be done, is merely to stop thinking. Let about the following composition is the
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310; larva; type locality, Calcutta (Lewis). F. dermathemica da Silva
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and a decided gain is noted in the balance-sheet of intake and output
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at home, and added to the good cheer his unrivaled gift for serious
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nerve may be traced to an ellipsoid body which exists in the
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cating the importance of this influence he repeats the opinion of
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ment regularly every twelve months for two or three years, and then
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at a more advanced age might be supposed liable to strumous dis-
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ling or to find its way back into the rubber bulb that is used for blowing.
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itaxia without paralysis, the lesion being limited to the posterior columns,
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punaisie depends upon a fetid exhalation from the mucous membrane,
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preparation for expected demand. Perhaps this will be shown
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relieve the mind of the thought which then is uppermost.
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soreness extending up the muscles of the neck. I made
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Cold minx. — The prompt cooling of milk, after it is drawn, to a
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In om* sections fixed with Flemming's fluid and stained with iron-
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great medical writer. This edition is made especially
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was that 5 per cent, of the cases succumbed from a general terminal
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that hemiplegia may result from such injury when unilat-
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tions were also frequently overlooked during life. There might
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amount of urine in diabetes is secreted in the day time.
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His appetite was good, and his digestion equally so ; only it was
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first vaccination and the second, the antibodies are no longer piesent but
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much stronger ointment was required.* This had the de-
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duce asthmatic breathing in those subject to the affection. Indigestion,
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werke) in 100 cc. of sterile water is added. This should be freshly prepared each


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