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fractures; report of two operative cases in fractures of
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and you will be eliminated at the next test, which is applied to
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Another towel is placed under the buttocks and one in front
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guaiacolate which significantly stimulates the secretion of respiratory tract fluid. The
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in order to avoid the labial arteries. These flaps being turn-
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tion, Oklahoma State University, 1965. Medical educa-
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which the General Order of the Poor-law Board dated May 25,
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irnish a favorable soil for the growth of bacteria, and this is par-
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of infusion. Or, a strong decoction may be made of 1 pound of the
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HODSON, Frederick A., contract surgeon, Is relieved from further
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tissues. Under the highest powers of the microscope the bacillus is seen
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Partitioned — air-conditioned — parking — new fertile subur-
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use. Or cover them with salt and water (as above) in a stone
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to them, or whenever the board may think that such advice may
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induce the judicious teacher to shorten the session,
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bas been accumulated, from an apprehension that this dis-
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'■••" appropriated for the construction of a municipal sanitarium
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should be, too, concentrated. Besides these, which are too nu-
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leg." Morning temperature 98?.^ Did not change plugs of lint.
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this is not parallel to the type referred to above.
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strong family association with two of the cases exiiihited that evening. One
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for to them the allaying of symptoms is all that is necessary. It is from
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and in the urine in a case of abscess of the prostate. It has also been
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appetite, and other symptoms which told him that the purident
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hydrochlorothiazide fluid retention premenstrual 50-100 mg
would only drain in a case presenting a short hilal-
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very refractive yellow granules. These authors claim that a pulsating
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Nervous System and Muscles. — The essential physiologi-
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Of the 177 normal people studied, 46 had received influenza vaccine.
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most virulent. But instead of that, these diseases in this country-
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