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the molecular equilibrium produced by the galvanic current in
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cuts or perforations. Contused wounds by bludgeons may, however be
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of pericarditis two or three leeches should be applied over the heart, or
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ed " ! Sir, I might submit a thousand questions as irrelevant to the case
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Kidney (J. & A. Churcliill, London) is a valuable contribution to the
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drops. This simple experiment, if successful as it generally is, affords
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ry,t and antimonials,J and other evacuations, leave
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mitting exertions <>f the doctor and nurse. During this trying period,
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rising to 103°, 104°, or even higher. The fever has the remittent
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tain an ethereal oil, and, in case it has become rancid, a fatty acid
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study, a strong branch was given off from the median at the level of the branch-
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retic, it increases the force and rate of the heart beat
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molasses, 1 egg, 1 teaspoonful of soda. Steam 3 houis and
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inttaiioes, the aorta has been found to spring from the right, the pul-
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prove this fact conclusively. The objection that a more extensive
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by the late Sir Alfred Lewis Jones, K. C. M. G., a prominent Liver-
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3. In the present state of obstetrical knowledge there must be
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other patients produced an intermission in the others.
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size. The swelling produced by the hematoma may also
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their inactivity, loss of appetite, non-resistance to handling, and
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both intravenous and subcutaneous injections of the serum produced
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so radical. I thought, as the majority of physicians, that
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schools, while the new branches are to be taught at the option of individual
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pation and the feeling of the constricted colon will help
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atnre on the subject of respiratory diseases, he never
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ally increased in size. In two or tliree weelis it would be
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are. The facility of getting into the bladder by any kind of a filiform
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regarded by candidates with very mixed feelings ; an uneasy


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