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It is sometimes unusually slow, a fact vphich accounts for the persistence of
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1879. He was led by his father, and on attempting to sit down
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bowels should be immediately opened by a stimulating injec-
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Previous to tlie operation, flic intercostal muscles did not act
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It again struggled to its feet, passed some rather high-coloured
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through proper channels that the physicians of Wisconsin
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■cine and the question of an improved sanitary code now occu-
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first advocated this remedy, I requested one of my pupils, Dr. De Cotret ,
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the year 1007: president, Dr. Otto Braun; vice-president. Dr. John V. Wen-
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symptom, as no one would have suspected an inflammation of a high grade, with a
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that "the English edition will prove useful, and find >
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particles of the white bisnnith, when the dailv dose can
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dermal nodules which soften, rupture, and discharge purulentlike
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more benefit from the change of scene and the freedom
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tudinal diameter of the abdomen at the expense of the longitudinal
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tion with paratysis limited to one or more of the cranial nerves, and, also,
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glycerids of the corresponding fatty acids. Besides these are found the
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The author's patient was not the first to show angio-
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fined himself more and more to the house. Finally, his depression
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castor- oil. Numerous fragments, in all 8 feet in length, were discharged in the next
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with the speculum, in Dr. Lee's presence, on February
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trol. In Riggs' disease we find such conditions and
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reader in the practice of such high and necessary virtues as carefulness, economy,
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(),040 teachers, and covered 100 weeks in time. The latter
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of a case of a little girl in North Carolina who had gotten a thimble
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terms ; and that, accordingly, the By-Law of the Society forbidding con-
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The journals of our Lunatic Asylums continue to present a large proportion
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diet had little or no effect. Eventually he was persuaded to
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physics — that he was soon able to follow regularly the
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too, they must get their affections straightened out,
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the changes in the vascular system generally, which
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bloody froth extending into the air-tubes. The state of the lungs was variable.
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gmmd, well Tentilated, and not too crowded, the cases of phthisis which I
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the table. Chloroform is the anaesthetic used. The patient's mouth is
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seemed to be connected with the liver. A diagnosis of tumor of the
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Sull' intossicazione da chinina nei malarici. Arch. ital. di clin. med. 1897.


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