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14. Elliott, A. R. : Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1915, 64, 1885.
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metal by conduction. But heat is not conducted along all substances with
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after the meal. Hence, starch digestion would naturally seem of little
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tion of venous trunks by means of acupressure, with the gum-elastic band, and
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as in some cases of diarrhea. The existence of diarrhea and the demon-
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fett flatten*! nuclei a Ia\er of Inownish pigment granules
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may be regarded either as S0 4 ,H 9 , S0 3 H 2 0, S0 2 (OH) 2 , or SH 2 ,0 4 .
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by a pivot attached to a spring fastened in the lid. The
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parision of the stomach contents after the two ways of intro-
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over the site of the cavity. This, together with the per-
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Over-dieting has given place to an ordinary diet giving the
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Hill, J. H., L. R.C. P. Edin., has been appointed House-Surgeon to the
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ticeable extent, or at Lake Minnetonka. Fire Island,
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when he is ordered to join his regiment at Plattsburg. Dr.
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halgh he quite agreed. He was, however, more disposed
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Mortality in CitioB in the United States.— The following talilo rep-
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tum may present exceptional cases where this blade will
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diseases were but a type of fever brought on by irregular and convulsive
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improved, and he ultimately recovered, though subse-
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doubt be referred. It had already been discussed as an
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a' that." We have jugglers within and without the profession
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was detected in the physical signs. The weight increased by 9^
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of fourteen cases, including a report of one of his own cases, comes to the
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practice. By the use of the coud6 (or elbowed) gum-linen catheter, catheter-
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Careful attention was given to her diet, and there was
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ject ; these are, the swelling of the bones ; sometimes their
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n,, in.Kul.itl.iii^. Siuli .un..-in..wil.ilii>ii--- ..f t.i\in a.i tlu- paliciii liinii.
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retrogression they become pale, polished, angular in outline, often disclose
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But even after the establishment of convalescence, and after the patient
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1419. Chronic pleurisy is the purulent empyema of surgeons;
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(Edema. The oedema in this form of Bright's disease usually begins
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roid (Cadeac) or to other neoplasms along the course of the wind-
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layer of the skin : in the lung it was seen in the intersti-
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to the colder air of the hall, or even to the open atmosphere,
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powerful enough — it being added to by the ripen-
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employ Medical men as guardians of the public health, we
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very important thing, how ready we are to give opinions without mak-
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producers will become careless in their methods in or-
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street or peddling them out for the highest price obtainable. Several of
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ceived various excrementitious matters. There were two
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sustain the claims of Mellin's and Hawley's Liebig's Food, and
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