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■*Matas, R. : Surgical Treatment of EJlepliantiasis, Am. Tour. Trop. Dis., July,
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The only situations in which a single lesion could conceivably cause
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gynecologist, discussed “Marital Hygiene” in a lec-
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alone or chiefly enlarged, not only does its left edge extend further thin
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Augusta, Ga., April 1st, 1860. Fine, large cur dog, very fat, 6erce and powerful.
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beyond the limits of terrestrial activity. — Laiuet, July 18,
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these means the patient was made to sleep for about one
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ability, it is independent of brightness or general
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that actual hemorrhage has occurred;" and adds, "no single instance of
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Primrose, otherwise he would not occupy the high position that he does ; and any view
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into Guadeloupe in 1865 by a ship from Alarseilles, one of whose
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the practical should be kept in mind, for it is well known
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the foot of the anchylosed limb. This occurred fifteen months
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general laws of mental and physical regimen already advanced, she should be
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A woman, on a Wednesday, found a small tumor near the groin,
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Renal calcali, however, dilfer essentially in regard to
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Eaphael's. The understanding at the present day of the chemistry
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To the clinical evidence of primary union in man we shall again refer ;
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have been true after its conquest, and even in the seventeenth
lisinopril hctz side effects warnings
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acetin can be administered in powder, tablet, pill or ball ; or
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thumb turned into the palm of the hand, and the hand clenched, pulse full
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he was in every case successful. Owing, however, to the care and atten-
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" the most sedidous and skilful use of electricity, voltaic or faradic, fails, as
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Morbid anatomy. — Abscesses may be solitary or multiple; diffuse
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Territory, for duty at that station. Par, 7, S. O. 248, A. G.


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