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less remarkable. He eats until stiff with fulness, and then
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of the inflammations of the respiratory tract, as well a3
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tion which then might possibly have been undertaken with success. It
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elasticity of the healthy lung exerts a sort of suction upon the inner
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In advanced cases of hookworm disease, showing a picture of profound anaemia,
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the foster-mother's baby was? " Oh, it died — fortunate-
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are scarcely less horrible than those from the disease; and the
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brane is only slightly injected and is but thinly covered with nuicus, while
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representing 20 gm. of the leaf to the liter, or, in other words, a 2 per
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vaginalis ; in one of my cases acute hydrocele was lighted up, it quickly subsided
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of the anaesthetic a sufficient length of time to insure the
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The Secretary was instructed to mail a copy of this resolu-
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tained of emery merchants under the name of "emery stone."
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and can in no sense be regarded as curative. One might as well
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follows the line drawn upon the forehead with the finger-tip, or
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" The dural surface of the tumor is for the most part smooth
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been forced into the antrum by a dental operation fifteen
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and the inflammation at that point disappeared. Her frequent urina-
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zine for 1818, of a person who had swallowed an ar-
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tic application of radium, this volume fills a vacancy that
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experience in similar cases. He passed a feverish night, but was much better on
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chial gland involvement. It is unnecessary, then, except for the pur-
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day of the patient's admission into the workhouse, whOe the
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one remedy is. He who pins his faith on ointments (ichthyol,
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phere a few granules of large size were found in the fissure of Sylvius, while
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drive a spring-cart, and he states that four months ago he fell off the
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all children will be feebleminded ; when one parent is a duplex
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occurs first in the iield oH vision. Tlie field widens, it may be
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by no stimulus, and afterwards remembers nothing that happened, the
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diagnosis of myocarditis had been substantiated, as Dr.
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Risch, Henry F. W., 521 3d St., Brooklyn, Kings Co.
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.-inner Partridge being present, a resolution was passed
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(11th), in a house not far distant, I was summoned to the
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sphincter tiie bowel was so constricted that I couM barely intriMluce the
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believes that arsenic is a specific for psoriasis, pemphigus,
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a great gain if the classification of I'cetal positions re-
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light. By the latter, air receives much the greater at-
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without apparent cause. It was located u|)on the face, the neck, a part
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bone are aftected, new osseous material is deposited here and


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