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feet of the small intestine. This condition was found on repeated ex
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The majority of these exercises oblige the athlete to draw
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intestinal disinfectants has been warmly advocated and as
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sent symptoms which are of neurotic production and inde
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lapse by the femoral head passing upward and backward
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men of the necessary efficiency. Now gentlemen you may
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small pox patients on Saturday last and it is reported that as many
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under conditions which predispose to a general infection. It was
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terror caused by the bursting shell results in the onset
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dried leaves of Camellia Thea to a great extent. The
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Instruction as the pupil of a legally qualified surgeon holding the
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stripped is st. lbs. During the past nine years his bowels have
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linen compress slit in the axills to fit it high up soaked
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assumes that rough condition popularly named goose skinned.
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assumes that the living cells and nuclei of the blood and tis
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Treatment. In all cases of blows on the inner side of
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sult of our experiments seemed to us very remarkable inasmuch as every
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cient to excite pain or dizziness and the applications may be repeated
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moral anesthesia quite characteristic of hysteria is
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sternohyoid sternothyroid omohyoid and thyrohyoid. The
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prominently the fleece drops off in patches the belly enlarges
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been found experimentally to contract the vessels in the frog s foot.
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removed under local anesthesia. Approximately one hour after the conclusion
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Three years later Dr. Kreuser of Stuttgart reported a set of
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detect this state of things with a degree of certainty which is
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signs far enough to decide when to call in his brothers whose
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are rather an expression of poisoning due to the absorption of
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fro giving a variety of orders to different members of the
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prefers to the nitrate. The antidiarrhoeal action of
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leptic fits beginning in one limb and remaining exclusively limited to it or


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