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and the heat which proceeded from them was very great. Had they been
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Ward 6.07, and in the Twelfth Ward 9.7 1 ; while in the en-
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monly, and sometimes dissection, has evinced." This serves to
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(Rauwolfia) of Hypertension. 1 1 A Comparative Study New Extract of Veratrum viride, Proc. Soc. Exper.
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vital reaction, organisms in their feeble beginings would be over-
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stance ; and a good shake or pat upon the back will
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ject, is so prevalent in our land, that it is exceedingly difficult to make
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the British Medical Journal March 12th that the object of the
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a wash or gargle to the throat; this, of all means, has pleased us the
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sounds are feeble and distant and have the amphoric quality. They are
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distinguislied by the occurrence of distinct paroxysms or notable exacerba-
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of pulse -rate, headache, and sleeplessness is beyond the scope of the
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exj)eet one or two of their discourses at large : for the way is for
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men is shown in Von Bergmann's Surgery, volume five. Those
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substantiate his views, which are also supported by clinical
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^lass; a drop of a saturated solution of iodine in iodide of potassium
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observed, the book must be read in order that the full value
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the Jacksonian attacks continued day and night. In twenty-four hours he had forty
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College of Osteopathy is registered with the University of the State of New
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and ovary and sometimes uterus is done, but only where
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The energy, promptness, and enthusiasm among the teachers were unusually
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asperity : and let the eye-lid be everted daily, not only that the medicine may be
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cases. The mo3t marked symptoms were abdominal pain,
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has been destroyed by removing the cerebrum. This class of
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that no one ought to be allowed to obtain a qualifica-
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