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pudding; the anterior two-thirds were as black as coal, and the rest was of a violet
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Radio-active chlorid of barium containing about 17 to
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tracted and accelerated ; tongue is generally red at the tip and margins,
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paralytic insanity, paralytic dementia, incomplete general
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to investigate the anatomy of this serous cavity, in order to
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method of treatment. On the whole, the effect induced by
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frontales, the forehead is not wrinkled, and the only way in which the
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Forest A. Black, Orville T. Bundy, Clarence C. Gate, M. W. Colgin,
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sider three phases of the process: (1) the approach, (2) the engulf-
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The scales enabled us, therefore, to foresee almost to a day the
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tion at least, between the honest and more or less qualified
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One condition, or predisposing factor, it seems, is abso-
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hour being given for the injection of half a gramme (seven grains). The artificial
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from the mouth of the urethra a large cartilaginous stricture,
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Authority which has jurisdiction in the place where the animal was
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from the vein, the syringe is attached and slowly emptied,
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The following is what is generally accepted as the fourth edition.
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the other preparations of this mineral. It is, however, like the b\ue mass,
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symptoms were pointed out. Doubtful cases should be con-
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posed nonpellagrous individuals have been assigned to Zone 1. There
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regularly, even though fome aggravation of fymptoms fliould at
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justify the disuse of the jacket. When properly applied, it is of much use.
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one "relapses " in 146 cases ; and another pithily sa^s," If folks
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Coffee (the seeds of Coffea Arabica, Nat. Oxdi. RiibiacecB),
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usually seen first in one or both hind legs, and from there becomes
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himself master of all the cold water appliances that the ingenui-
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was a second cavity containing turbid fluid, and lined by a
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culturing has rather replaced the culturing from spleen juice. As the
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circumstances), but which in similar cases might be not only practical but
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seven months, and require an entrance examination. The
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men were made. Definite information was received as to
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most of the men are so tired that they need no coaxing to retire.


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