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catalogue of the cures done by this spring amounteth to a great number,
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view, these spots are not present in the liver of young cattle; that the
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an antecedent case, are caused by bacteria of this kind.
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electrolyte changes or dehydration The mechanism of central nervous system depression
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tion was increased above the normal in almost all who suffered from
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distention of the stomach may cause disturbances of the heart and
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cized tendons to be used as buried sutures, for the other
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sufficiently decided to call for the attendance of her female
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the President and Fellows, and give true copies when thereto
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Phthisis, Pneumonia, and kindred disorders, is not a thing that is to be
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It was not until the clinical results of a large num-
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but a portion be excised, the growth is arrested at the level of the part removed;
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with : Nay, some have gone so far as to say, that these per-
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hegan to administer too recklessly, and in 1848 I was
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then to be closed by means of ligature or metallic wire, leaving a
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cognize, in a general way, that tubercles are developed particularly in
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neck of the bottle. Some of the sod. bicarb, went on the floor,
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The north-east monsoon commences gradually in October, and is
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fchirrum tendens, interdum poft inftammationem prece-
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supplying the suprarenal capsule can quite readily be made out. When'
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animals showing no sign of the disease may be introduced
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3:00 PM— 2nd floor New College Building, Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital j
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the five treated all took hemoglobinuria and all recovered. In
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The character and amount of drainage changed almost immedi-
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entire charge of the anesthetic, or act as the first, second, or other
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begin to disappear from the face before it has fully developed on the feet and
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appropriate management iu other respects the patient
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that were palpable were removed; they were not large, not larger than
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Hence, if it were shown by experiment that the four mononucleo-
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attempts of these early philosophers to explain Nature.
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^ Conradi: Zeitschrift fur Hygiene, 1900, XXXIV, p. 185; 1901, XXXVIII, p. 411.
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the insuperable difficulty still remains of explaining the entrance
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takes their place, •when the married couple are neither mentally nor phys-
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Another point was that the fatty capsule was exceedingly thin and
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Total acidity . . 0.0H965 grm. in 10 c. c. or 1.4 per in.
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of labor. Manual dilatation, attempted by Dr. Richard-
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ply of mummies is said to be inexhaustible, and they are used by the
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In its more purely scientific side, preventive medicine has
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of space occupied by streets and sidewalks, and by some of the larger
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tumour, until the latter was cut into, and amber-coloured fluid began to
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of potassium, iodide of mercury or sulphur, A:c., are
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prophylactic injections of antitoxin in all wounds was
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The Turin Academia di Medicina announces, says the Jour-
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into actual cardiac failure. It is apparent that all


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