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their efficiency the health of the school, in a large measure,

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dose 45 grs. chloral ; 12.40, 30 grs. chloral ; 1.30, 30 grs. chloral ;

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at least demonstrated that a high degree of artificial protection is possible

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fecting the larynx, as pointed out by Harrison Allen

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and incite, we trust, the student and young practitioner to the

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were my own, and all other prospect of relief had failed me, I

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2 both extrahepatic and intrahepatic (two aneurisms in each), and 6

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found specific bacteria in the blood of animals suffering from

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'No proposition seems more universally allowed by those who profess

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there was, on admission, a large, jagged, dirty wound, from

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dehyd-t'asein. Miinchen. med. Wchnsehr., 1896, xliii, 889. —

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that even among the most educated and civilised peoples of the

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vinyl. From Wednesday of October 10th until Sunday of October

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duced by Bright's disease or other causes, and, as he believed, originally

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