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the title of hyperostosis cranii or leontiasis ossea as insufficiently concise,

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a small, hard bunch, which gradually disappeared, leaving merely

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Sevente 'n cases of epilepsy treated with sodium nitrate.

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Dr. Paul Koch (^Annales des Maladies de I' Oreille, du Larynx, etc.. May,

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junctiva that lies below the cornea. This is often necessary

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intussusception, the introduction of a foreign body, or third, and most

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ment in the selection of the right method or methods

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addressed to the Editors of Tin-: American Practitioner ami News, Louisville, Ky.

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valves are actually inflamed, for the onset of the valvulitis may be at any

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same hypertrophy of the spleen and similar enlargement of the lymphatic

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dominal surgery being done, there is ample excuse for internists

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testicle or penis, and the presence of a large amount of pus

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that in the minds of some the two departments were stiir

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that the conditions met with at a fever hospital make it impossi-

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life score. The responses will be used to measure the quality and effectiveness of the

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made the best cuts.) Set the blade forward to about the edge of the

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of all sizes in the blood itself ; 2d, Because, on examining the blood of

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effects of tannin and hot water, and we have very efficient causes

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died of syncope. My friend holds that this was a case of

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spring of eitlier extraordinary ignorance or careless observa-

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The uric-acid leucomains are a group of bodies closely

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I want to ask one question. When I was an interne and we would

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ness on pressure or percussion ; pain or tenderness on Ipng on the right

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together with dosage and administration, available on request.

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strips of adhesive plaster the plate is firmly fastened, a

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memory and its aberrations. Also the American Medical

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garet-street, Cavendish-square. — Visiting Physician. Candidates

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should be injected with formol (2 per cent.) and the contents removed,

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to Trastour, is Lugol's solution, or iodide of calcium.

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The following represent occurrences observed in clinical

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considered as a possible factor, causing lymphatic blockage, and

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fied as a result of coexisting mitral lesions. It is important to recollect

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formed by the prolongation downwards of the left sinus pyriformis. The pouch

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his cases failed to find jaundice. Angular or faceted

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The principles of treatment are essentially the same as in the other varie-

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been removed and the granulations which have formed offer


ularly evident in hemorrhagic portions and suggests haemoglobin


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