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becoming celebrated, was devoted, on Monday last, to the
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taking in them a very quiescent form, inducing coma. There may
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migrated into the heart. In the second and third month
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vagus in the neck ; similar results were obtained by Arnold, in his experiments npon hens and
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The arteries of the tongue are branches of the Ungual, facial, and
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20 mg/kg were also associated with hepatic changes: however,
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ant portion of the work. Peter regards acute endocarditis with formation
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is drawn up to the posterior nares, grave respiratory troubles result.
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by the quaint names of horn-pock, water-pock, chrystalline-pock, swine-
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phaiyngitis is extremely rare, but the German writers express a different
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the naturally free lubrication of their skins. Any part of the body may
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and was ten years later followed to an autopsy by Schiippel. The patient,
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forms of treatment, corticosteroids may prove useful. After
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a great similarity to B. typhosus, and which could be distinguished
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head or shoulders. If the premises be true, the latter conclusion
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translation of medical science to the bedside are major challenges.
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sitic disease fell, and with it a serious blow for a time was given to
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Monats.," 1896, p. 635, *'^"New York Med. Rec," Feb. 2, 1895;
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ends, but more gradually to the hinder one, the fore-end being less acute. A streak of pig-
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require to provide 1000 beds at the least ; and we are glad to
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pears to be particularly useful in recognizing the existence of
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ceipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged and unused
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At the last meeting of the Medico-cliirurgical Society Mr.
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circulation persists until the ventricular systole occurs, and can be over-
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^ This is a method which has been used by Professor Chiene since 1886 in
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circumstances favorable, there can be no serious objec-
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tion of the patient for a surgical operation. The older
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either they or their friends have been "cured" by the
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Lecturer on Materia Medica and General Therapeutics,
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a quantity of the saline solution in a test-tube, so as not to allow of their
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Now the sporules of certain fungi, which ruin the health and de-
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and right must be reared against the encroachments of the
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patient and physician. To the latter because he finds that
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its kind to meet in England. The International Con-
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is owing ; so that many of the educated and intelligent
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dually sunk, a victim of constitutional syphilis. His life, I
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afterwards heard, died before morning ; the others were
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fresh, which, staining a bright red, stood in striking contrast to the
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was a case of intra-uterine pregnancy with breech presentation,
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precipitate to be a compound of peroxide of mercury and sal


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