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now considering, declared it as his " candid opinion" that tuber-
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amount of phosphates. As regards the so-called uric acid dia-
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monia are so strong that even the most skeptical must admit it.
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the journal of the association, of which one or two num-
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make record of those that have attracted some attention
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that the affection may be met with in quite young babies naturally
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ing for administrative affairs, his practical resources for dealing with
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Sept. r2th. The attacks of pain and the pyrexia con-
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they are possessed not only of a good common-school
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ten sound ones, in every community, the reader can see how liable
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varus — ^surely not owing to contracture of the antagonists
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manent incubus of the lung plague, and can only import
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students were boarding. There having been no cases of small pox here
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in different persons, according to their physical condi-
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his consideration. Without presuming, then, to say how
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now convinced that every new patient should go first to a depart-
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of 10-per-cent. cream in a twenty-ounce mixture repre-
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with this decoction and at night lay on a compress of
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stitutes one of the difficulties in the way of advance
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In three cases of pernicious vomiting of pregnancy with icterus,
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6dng a WttkiQ ^tnte ef ti)e Vitva t)ork Journal of iSlel^tciitt.
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were eisrhtv-seven in number; and amonofst those the iiranular
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The American Public Health Association is strictly a scientific
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continues to earn after sixty-five, he will be forced
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rolling,” The New Republic, November 20, 1989, p 11).
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Blocq and Marinesco observed a case of tubercle of the right crus,
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A Latin inscription in three lines, quoted by E. Le Blant,* is :
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ties. If there is any thyroid enlargement at the beginning
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found Friedlander's pneumonia bacillus in the air of
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enlargement of the hands, feet, jaw and head were well marked. There
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standing and well recognised heart atieetion, suddenly complic-
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out inwards. The same argument applies to erysipelas,
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may be nausea and even vomiting and cyanosis. It is also progressive :
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In approaching the special subject with which this communication
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in more concentrated solutions of the blood. The identity was
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they were living on a strict anti-diabetic diet; and he
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articles of the materia medica, is specially true of mineral waters,


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