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Sir Robert Philp
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Opening of Toowong Library
Railway Station c.1900
Sisters of Mercy
Poster - Sale of the Glen Olive Garden Estate from 1924
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improvement as regards the extent and severity of the pain.

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can afford to buy a hundred tracts advocating his cause, because their

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parable to porcelain, wax, or ivory, generally set in an erythematous

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the kind best suited to the case. The simplest form, the

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without a brief glance at a few points which stand out with

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Mahomed's Electuary. Grocers' currants 1 oz., powdered

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pneumonia, or bronchitis, on the previously observed lesion, and not

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be more erroneous, since it is absolutely tiue that the complaints referred to

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the patient took a full inspiration and separated the

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thus in a condition but little favourable to the power of swallowing. Water

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ever, you will see the peculiar interlocking points which

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This little Italian boy has a condition which is rapidly disap-

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one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, no person

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will cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach,

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Tlsltlng Surgeon to Harlem Hospital ; Profeaaor of Surgery In New

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at the six meetings of the Section had been 152, or

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generally crown the heights. They were, no doubt, erected

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very limited supply of animal food, he learned to raise on his

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little hospital of his own, and with the humblest of poor

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Bourgeois is an epithet which the riffraff apply to

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or stand. These symptoms entirely disappeared in 2 cases, were mark-

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the primary rise: very rapid at first, then gradually subsiding, and finally

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36. Ewald: Diseases of the stomach. American Translation,

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In Ceylon it is called by the natives Kurunegala sore, as it is

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cuneiform bones. The patient made a good recovery, and at the end of a few

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body, as would be the case were they true processes arising individually from

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parents. Children born of parents who acquired the infection

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Classification of the Bones — Ostitis — Sore Shins — Splints — Peculiarity of

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Much the larger part of our really valuable information

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The fever is very high, and remains so with only slight remissions, the

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Minnesota Sanatorium, attended a reunion of his medi-

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illustration, and were regarded as exceedingly ingenious.

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In a few instances diagnostic sympLu ' present in the absence of a detct-


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