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has been deemed advisable by such authorities as Mayer and Nuss

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of red blood corpuscles present in small selected portions

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shortly afterwards become insensible. Through the kindness of

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with intense periorbital neuralgia. On examination

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each of the three zones of exposure for and is shown

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article on application at the Rooms of the Society Bridge Street.

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A few days after the operation this patient had a very severe attack

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is there such a thing as congenital amblyopia. He believed there was.

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that even if the symptoms apparently abated the patient might

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R. Wine of Colchicum Root one fluidrachm Hushand s Magnesia

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turbances no matter how pronounced they are is the diagnosis justifiable.

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holding the hardened object in the hand and slicing off a section

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in charge of the typhus fever patients on Blackwell s Island during the

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followed by collapse and death in from two to five days.

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shall be awarded every three years for the best dissertation

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long protracted. This is a rare occurrence and is seen only

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purgative medicine will be necessary while in influenza

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Etiology. Clinically several different groups of cases may be recog

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is mistaken in quality. In some cases when his foot

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