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economy ; and in more direct relation to Wassermann's
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gans of the body. But these are only a few of the prob-
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the ground while in a perspiring state. Distention of the hemor-
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formula is iodide of potassium, 3.32 grms. ; bichloride of
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and a preponderance of male offspring has been reported
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tery. As is shown in this case, the stools contain,
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iodide of potassium. Obscure paralysis, without apoplectic symp-
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infrequent cases where the pus is so thick and tenacious that it will not drain,
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oxygenation appeared. The polynuclears then rapidly in-
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nerves governing salivation, and they at. least partly explain the
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" shower," and stood under it. From that time she became
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attendants ; moreover, it runs counter to popular prejudice.
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are a history of a previous attack of pericarditis, pleuritis or perihepatitis;
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disease is on the same side. According to Hammond the occurrence of
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there are more of you among whom the responsibility is divided.
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this operation was recovered from in seven weeks. This was the first
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In France, during the year 1892, there were no fewer than 2169 rabic
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general, and the one presiding over the reflex open-
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Freckles are usually a slight disfiguration of the skin. They are
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coccus infection can lye arrived at by a bacteriologic examination of the exudate
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of action of dilatation of the stomach and of the resulting auto-intoxication
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(0 A Treatise on Syphilis, by P.J. Jlmi-hy, M. D. 1839.
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(1878 a).— Achter ... auf das Jahr 1876. 196 pp., 2 pis. 8°. Leipzig.
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greater prevalence of this infirmity among the free blacks than
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off the skin just before serving, and inind they are quite hot
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pp. 548,585-590. 6. CHABAUD, N. " Des accidents observes dan-s les appareils a air
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iward. The point of suspension was about six and a-half feet from the floor. The
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method should be used foi the first three or four weeks to overcome
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says: " If any one should find in our conduct here matter for unfavorable
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certificate should be guaranteed, before it is signed by the
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4. One Hare-Marple battery -handle electric ophthalmoscope.


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