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observed fact, yet it gives us no physiological explanation of

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Indian JHead; first vice-president, T. C. Spence, Prince Albert; second

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lOth. No pain in head; bowels open; skin still dry; tongue more

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repeated toasts, so that what with the wine and what with

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that the use of tobacco in field hospitals is to be recommended,

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cow in full milk, to which he adds the following Uberal daily ration :

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transmitted disease from its first traveler- related case in 2006.

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a chair of Hygiene w T as established in 1856, and there is now

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ment of physiological studies in this country, directly by his intercourse with some .

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CARDIZEM therapy may occasionally result in symptomatic

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sphincter, ordinarily contracted, relaxes for a moment so that the bolus

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present law took its origin in this action of the Col-

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excreta in the blood and tissues may in some cases be absent,

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which supplies the laboratory burners and also serves as a storehouse

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by cultures and animal experiments. ]\Iy assistant, Dr. Harris, has culti-

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cial sulphuric acid destroyed life in ten minutes. Lime water was

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termination is no longer considered a possibility*.

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the fifth week, and is now taking outdoor exercise.

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sometimes due to what one might term " hospitalism." In every

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influences are, at times, impossible to control. So again, one can easily

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Dr. Cameron made his visit he told her she had better

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to Alexander Barclay and Robert Craig, apothecaries, and others. On

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difficult and far-gone cases within my acquaintance.

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Microscnjncal examination of this tumor of the blad-

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to teach the student to understand and use the English lan-

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268. On Retro-Uterine Hsematocele. Dr. F. Weber 263

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the curative value of thermal waters. Hot water, in its route

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in his treatise de Formula Specula ; becaiise that then the pow-

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tions of the human body. We have in the nerve apparatus of the

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parts (fl. drs. xij.) of tincture of iodine and water, with sixty grains

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a Child Welfare Council might be a great help in bringing various

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of tartar, I lb., water to make a li((uid in which an egg

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