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nicate with the writer whose address may be obtained
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These centres functionate i.e. discharge or liberate motor nerve
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took place mainly by the kidneys but also to some extent by the
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interesting work of Talbot who studied cases of egg poisoning in
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of the left eustachian tube. He could not auto inflate the left ear
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establish the treatment of spinal curvature upon a more exact
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variety and quantity of food may be allowed with advantage. If this plan
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the reality of the phenomena or the justice of their interpreta
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ment and on calling upon her the other day I was agreeably
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may be specially recognised from time to time by the Medical
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that made him disliked. Yet he is said to have been really a
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as to show the relati e frequency of relief from any combination
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milliamperes will usually afford relief. In severe cases it
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drink Is ft Godsend. A number suffering from prostration
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sessions on the second Saturday and Monday in the month alter
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iodide gr. vij sodium iodide gr. vij ammonium iodide
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induration. Or it may have a marbled aspect crossed by bands and seams
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ing days antiseptic remedies may be used in solution such as mercuric
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Examination reveals the peculiar location and nature of the swelling
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On similar principles diminished impulse in the arteries
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bolic acid or half a drachm chloride of zinc dissolved in


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