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of the cutaneous vessels ; and certainly it is not always accompanied by
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macerating the mold powder with thirty times its weight of water,
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zyme elevation, obtundation, and coagulopathy. Our hypoth-
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beyond the point where the branches to the sheath of the
elimite generic name
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for the tuberculous and Surgeon-General Rixey decided to
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ment, but abu.sed by its friends. I believe that it is often used
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Brayton- says Boettger's Calcium Sulphydrate Paste is a perfect
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double cordon of police and handcuffed to an officer
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lination is to be based on the absence of morbid acuteness of the
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ed more narrowlv, it will almost uniformly be found that she sullers pain,
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spent upon the patient at this time the full force of its powers.
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eye. These latter conditions are found so early in life that the explana-
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a most violent paroxysm. I have faradized the muscles
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small miliary tubercles in the intestines, already softened and
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February 16, 1870, with right obUque inguinal hernia. He
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corpuscles and haemoglobin, as shown by successive counts and
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for biopsy, or the diagnostic examination of tissue
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unrecognizable to the palpating finger. The examination
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other gross nasal lesions, tliere is a prospect of affording
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rent of hydrogen gas is then passed over it until it is reduced, which
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exposure to cold or damp, or both, such as sleeping in a damp bed, or
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essential, and may be used freely. Brandy is the best.
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insisting upon a bimanual examination. In unmarried girls,
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great difficulty in getting the vaccination acts carried out.
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get from examinations of urine taken separately from each
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his side ; the mouth is held open with a gag, the tongue pressed
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after death, its acid reaction, and the diminution of oxygen, are evidence
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from that colour in those of Eclipse and his get. Marske,
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The irregular action of the heart which sometimes takes place
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number of cases (white, 37.1%; colored, 26.8%, average per
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which it was treated was preferable, as it would in-
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instance; (4) the preponderance of the diplegic type; the
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Dr. W. C. Pierce, of Wilmington ; Irectsurer, Dr. Joseph
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occur, it is comparatively easy to infect many species of animals with
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facture, but had found them too impure for this purpose.
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Bohannan, Charles Gordon Univ. N. Y., '78 South Norwalk.
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vius. The inferior part of the anterior lobe is formed by the
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. -uture within .1 r e.i-i in.ibK -limt period .ifter their inthetion, the result


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