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ers in tbeir rueiUcal a.spects. Practitioner, Lend., 1896,

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of departure for the study of abnormal deviations. Our knowledge of the

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rheumatism. The truth is, venocsection can neither be com-

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when ordinary care is taken by the relatives of a deceased person. I have not

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may be necessary in very chronic cases to cut the ribs

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foreigners in that vicinity. There are now seventy-two students in

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The capsule was united and skin flap opposites. Thus for anterior dislocations,

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the very safeguard of society. Consequently the moral law of

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for the care of the helpless, deficient and insane, and

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' See this Journal for 1848, vol. ii. p. 113, Case LXIV.

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sputum. He gave creosote carbonate and went back next

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fevers and tvphoid fever, including their etiology, preven-

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Dr. F. F. Miles, of Baltimore, said w'e should cease to re-

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Alabama Health Services, Inc., P. O. Box 449, Eutaw, Alabama

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has been kept at least twenty-four hours from the period of the supposed

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hoar^iieness or huskiness of the voice exists, and moderate febrile movement.

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GoNORRHCEA IN THE Female. — The discasc may be acute or chronic.

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wrong, nor could the Veterinary Inspector find anything wrong

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applications, guaiacol oil, and salicylate of methyl are recom-

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when the tattooing is well done, by any means e.xcept those which destroy the

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temper. In the first case the brain and nervous symptoms are

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