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ment with increase of the perilobular tissue causing projection of the

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which includes a 25 page summary of the 14 cases observed at

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The onset of renal colic is often accompanied by a rigor. The tempera-

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what the profession has so long waited for in vain — auseful Ar-

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the testimony against this last method is so universally

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blood in the middle fossa of the right side of base of cranium.

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with cylindrical dilatations. The cavities which are found, however, are

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The blood in hanioptysis is usually bright red and frothy, in

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harm, probably, even if there is no good, in giving him cooling drinks, and

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consumed for a single case, sometimes as high as-'a


which had been a source of pain, implanted it in the

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easts, attributable to irritation of the convoluted and Henle's tubules

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malarial hemorrhagic fever. Texas Cour.-Kec. Med. Fort

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the last twenty years the Infirmary of Edinburgh has been made the

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served on the hands, forearms, in the axillae, under the mam-

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between staff members, and organizational changes can be

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struction to respiration. The case proved to be acute lymphocythaemia

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Saint Yitns's dance^ afFecting the whole body^ which she had suffered

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was 58.6°, the highest being 77.5° on the 14th ; the lowest, 44.0°

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of is that put forwara by Marson of London, that the degree and dura-

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polynuclear leukocytosis of from 15,000 to 35,000 or more.

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these twenty or thirty years. The ophthalmoscope, the

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biotic susceptibility testing of meningococci (currently not

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of the little ulcer, so that we then see around the circumference of the principal

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Made on the premises — presenting a comprehensive number of

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the greater and lesser pectoral muscles were little more dense than the

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given 3 or 4 times a day from a fountain syringe. In winter

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effect of enabling the child to digest other food, which it

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blood, so that hemorrhage follows after their detach-

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Mr. Nettleship, Mr. McHardy, and Mr. Lang all referred

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prescription of drugs according to the old and obsolete standard. Physicians and druggists

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assuredly permit and foster a sad dissipation of energy and of


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