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(before the onset of acute symptoms), etc. An increased elimination,

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"Is Evolution Trying To Do Away with the Clitoris." Dr.

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edies that are really new, as well as placing the old one in a new light

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its tendency to become confirmed, with an increasing liability to recim

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attacks. On the whole, the evidence is distinctly in

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have decided that the n^ligence of the child was imput-

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of digitalis (e g , increased ventricular irritability). Because enalapril reduces the production of aldosterone,

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medical inspection of all schools and pupils. This inspection

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difficulties which we can see. The present system has gradually

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usual, and more than can be digested by the apparatus

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dual disappearance of cholera in that city. The epidemic was then

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be ezcladed, and to these the patient generally has an antipathy,

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persons. Doses of 0.2 to 0.5 gram usually sufficed, although daily quantities of 3.0 to

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seizures beginning with spasm of the left leg, and going on to general convulsions,

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Dr. Lyman said that it is stated that these tumors develop with the devel-

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often as much as 70 per cent.,* while during the course of

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attendants his intention to employ the instrument, and whilst he is

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house, paying for the enterprise with funds donated by

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states that this happened in the case of the Princess Pauline of Schwartzen-

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the eastern area in the spring, it is the absence of the dry heat of

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of the ligatures. The ends of each ligature being tied together before

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chloride of sodium, and an abundance of desquamated epithelium. The

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by this case is: that there is a naming cepter. probably

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pudding, half porridge, you eat either hot or cold, with a little

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it had ])een possible to take under the circumstances,

prednisolone ac used as nose drops

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infants who are born prematurely, and it is probably due to the effects of

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may be removed by forceps, by scraping, or by any other

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the eyes, so that you fashion a fairly good-looking upper part

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charge only when occupied by patients, at which time he

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perfect health until one year ago, when on a visit to

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form of pneumonia, in contradistinction to the form of pulmonary

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member of the following : The Medical Society of the

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Dr. Gallup 1 * Medical Writings. — It must be gratifying to this gentle*

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the stoma was performed four months after the original

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single cases as illustrating general pathology, rather than to point out how,

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purpose in certain cases in which we most need it. It

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Diagnosis. — Reverting now to the question of the diagnosis of Myelitis

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themselves after a heavy meal, jolting in a buggy, or in

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“Geographically the United States with all its posses-

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temperature, and if the process is severe, a leucocytosis.

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rheal discharge the cocci appear in small irregular groups, especially

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out. According to Lachese's experiments it is probable that the piece was m this I

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tion dissipated, and a third era commence. Both the science and

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inhabitants of Boston, are particularly invited to look into the superiority of this article over the In-

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1962. By this, we are not to be supposed to yield to a once

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100 cc. of solution). Fig. 2 shows that the osmotic pressure curves

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posit is exercising pressure on the vessel. But although the sub-

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