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ical work is lost, there is obtained an equivalent quantity of heat,
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which is usual with a given temperature, it is an indication of weak-
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certain limits many varieties of character. It may be acute, or it may
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war going on. In vain does she beg of him to help her
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too conservative to adopt any of the numerous new tests
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upon which different opinions are held by eminent gynaecologists.
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The skin enclosed in this halo is t5'pically glistening and sclerodermic.
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micturition. The urine also is high colored, and produces
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speedily successful, this, whenever practicable, should be resorted to without
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rior and inferior mesenteric veins. A great many ana-
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loudest possible bellows-murmur. The next day the heart was
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abdominal or pelvic wound occurred. I have, consequently, for some
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severity of gastrointestinal reactions, be continuously alert for any sign or symptom
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ficance. The surface of the tongue is sometimes reddened and smooth or
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with valvular lesions, and mainly in the case of mitral disease. In con-
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er ' tried to experiment on the effects of fermented liquors on two
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typhoid case, that prior to the acute otitis no inflammation of the ear had
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was negative — the rectum was empty. The temperature
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or English translation of the modi Taluable Greek and
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scarlet fever, but in vain. In almost all cases a strep-
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each medicine, admiaistered by teaspoon fuls, at intervals of two
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ture, and save itself from the imputation of rash meddling with the wise
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poison or poisonous substances in liquid form except in
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. ■ held; .]]]A .ilthouijli Ine of tlniil held, \ el there w.i- mn-ider.dile
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the proper momentum to the inflowing current. My own clinical
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ment of the treatment. The child should be taken from
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Uussel (26) has seen in carcinomata peculiar structures
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potassium chlorate solutions locally. Electuaries (confec-
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fishes. Quart. J. Micr. Sc., Loud., 1887-8, n. s., xxviii, 53-
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the child quiet when only a few muscles were involved.
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is given, perhaps after a fortnight or more of denial.
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Matthews' treateil 7 cases representing both kinds of leprosy with roentgen
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ing, so that, with persons dying from non-contagious
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Third. A constant nutritive value of known chemical composition and a uniforii
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born dead. (See case by Mr. Hall, 'Med. Times and Gaz.' January 18G3,
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one would hardly produce an impression lasting long enough to go
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ounces of thin starch containing 25 or 30 drops of laudanum.
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will promote the purposes of husbandry and commerce by encouraging the


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