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odical press, that a correct professional sentiment is established and
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adopted semper et ubique et ab omnibus is fundamentally right.
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Tuberculous Lymphadenitis — (’haractcristically, this is a
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moderate increase in these cells after x-ray exposure.
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common, occurring in more than 60 per cent, of cirrhotic subjects; but
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Great Britain the use of suspension and the applica-
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^uekett Microscopical CLnn, 7 p.m. Extra Meeting, for Conversation
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any diseased condition means unnecessary suffering during the course of
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deal with the pharyngeal lobe and the chief accessible pedicle by means of pow-
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the cause of true medical science and who are aiming to fix high
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organic. arterial, nervous, cerebral and general stimulant, diuretic,
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can pass a satisfactory examination in these branches, they
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that direct suggestion during hypnosis might be equally efficient, but
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be exercised iu the application of a moderately sharp
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its influence ; but I believe with care, its fatal effects may be
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not read the contradicting statements of Hager — I sus-
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of treating . . .] Klin. Aarbog, Kristiania, 1884, i, 88-100, 2
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about a year and a half. She states that she was always delicate as
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unable to produce." The section on impure water as a cause
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action of carbon dioxide is slight as compared with the preceding tables.
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sores. Indeed, it is proved that once the system is contaminated,
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destined to supersede creasote and my prediction is now almost an
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Eighth edition. London : H. K. Lewis, 136 Gower Street, W.C. 1901.
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meal, or in the open air. Yellowness of the lower part of the white of the
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with the statement that, during the period from 1791, when
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a half after the injury he came under my care. He was then suppurat-
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larity, intermissions of three or four seconds without a beat and then one, two or
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general lesion of diphtheria is an inflammation of the nerve
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in the wards adjoining his many died during the period of his treatment,
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weeks previously. As early as June 11th, a steamer which had left
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color and prepared by Prof. W. O. Atwater, showing '' the per-
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poisons, and, at the same time, almost the simplest of organic
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Worry, privation, and the absence of proper and suflScient food, dis-
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be limited to one kidney, and that they may yield to nephrotomy and
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Pain and swelling; a few hours after the bite anguish of heart,
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vessels. After partial study he came to conclusions
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after the affection has become fully established. During the progress of the
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nineteen days old with operation and recovery. On ex-


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