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dangers, may be the more practical anajsthctic for such

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or at the sciatic notch and excessive fatigue of the lower

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that the sufferings inflicted may not be wasted ;" &c.

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penetrated, and therefore care must be taken to ensure careful drainage.

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sapo vulgaris, U. S. P., 3 xiv., alcohol 95 per cent, | viiiss., iodide

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where it is distinctly cavernous. On the left side no

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The Committed on Surgery consisting of P. A. Jewett, M. I)., P.

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chronic dermatitis of a deep yellow colour which had been present for a

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the addition of fresh serum containing the suitable complement only. The

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thirty-nine, was admitted into the Baltimore Infirmary. She had supposed herself labounng

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capillaries, especially of the stomach and intestines, accompanied by

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accuse any other Member of the Society, for such misde-

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hospitals, large and small, of 2131 cases, with 6T8 deaths, or 1 in 3.1, or

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He administered antipyrine to fifteen rheumatic pa-

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PRACTICAI, Medical Therapy, a Book for the Family, the Physician and the Drug-

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* I am dying,^ and becomes insensible ; or there may be

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parent than in normal condition and more close to each other.

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little or no good. Especially thus is it in Consumption ;

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of what he had actually discovered, and the secondary

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acid being used throughout. The wound was dressed with car-

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loot: at them. For several months we did not takeoff our clothes at

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the third month of gestation. Considerable hemorrhage attend-

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cases imder diphtheria, but the conception that diphtheria may manifest

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December 19th. — Stood alone to-day for the first

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fever. After this disease, we not inf requently observe

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cfraphy. When Messrs. W. "Watson and Sons made the instrument for

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edited with care and ability, "The Congregationalist," which

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acceleration is an indication of approaching failure.

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the left lachrymal sac, resulting, in the case of the right, in an

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cholic and cholera, and 4 hepatitis. Under the class of brain and ner-

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cation, and, at its close, a paper was presented upon

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forms of amnesia due to the non-revival of glosso-kinaesthetio and cheiro-

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formed. It is possible that this will also be Larva of Hy-

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to get all they want, and when they want it without waste-

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delusion. And yet I firmly believe that in all cases the records are

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Oat hair calculi are formed from the fine but indigestible

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