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Haemophilus influenzae type b bacterial infection of

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rated from the cytoplasm, and secondly, by analogy with what is

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Cinchonine. See Alkaloids— Cinchona — Iodine; Anti-

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at any other period of her life that she could recol-

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etiology — artificial vicious circles. These will, I think, be best

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genus mucor. This was the case reported by Paltauf in which there was

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ness in the region of the ovaries. If it is an acute attack, there

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so sudden and unexpected in its onset, often so insidious in its pro-

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those institutions which have received the previous

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He was emaciated, but suffering no pain of any account. Appetite

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and on motion the whole were referred to the committee on ne-

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Pregnancy is to be determined by signs already laid down. (See

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had a septic mouth, there was very little use in treatment until

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placed kidney produces and maintains a congestion of the pelvic organs.

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fever a year ago. His brother is phthisical, and his father and

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have amputated, and have missed much of the applause that I might

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(2^ years old), vision has apparently been lost." A ninth "lost sight

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he had used it constantly with the most satisfactory results.

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The parenchyma is formed of lobules, most easily separable in

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hardly any uninvadcd corpuscles seen, or they may be few in number.

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their ideas before the Council. I could not assent to parti-

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2.3. Ehrlich and Morgenroth, Berl. klin. WrlniscJir., 19(K), .37. p. 682.

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In children true tabes is almost unknown. The few recorded cases

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antagonists have not yet been tested systematically in human

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do its impressions diminish under habitual use, like opium or henbane.

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de Lyon, 1896, i, 113-118. — Forest (W. E.) Experi-

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will get perfect results. This is the old stumbling block

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rance or mal-(uidresse. So far, then, the word " difficult" may

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Visited Chestnut Lodge, Rockville, Maryland for "Orientation to Group

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Dr. Farquharson's Therapeutics is constructed | the disease in which observers (who are nearly at

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pelvic cavity, the broken condition can be recognized, especially

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difficulty, whose tremor was scarcely noticeable until he attempted to put

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tion being accomplished much more rapidly than that of its

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corporate medical director as well as supervising physician assistants in the care of

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braced in the nasal region and the organ of hearing. It

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earative measures. Not a few diseases will be found in this category.

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had a septic mouth, there was very little use in treatment until

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one of these poisons paralyses'the respiratory muscles, as well as


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