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1941. Lancner, Paul H., Jr., 1208 Edmonds Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa.

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tacked in 1858,1862, and 1867, it was from a cholera reproduced from

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response is again obtained, which disappears, however, more rapidly than

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(Dr. Thos. Christie, in Canada Med. Journ., 1853: in Assoc. Med. Joum.,

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generate, though it unfortunately does convey the idea

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second, third and fourth, lumbar spinal processes should be iden-

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the time connected with a third-class travelling theatrical

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appointing officers and fixing their salaries (R.S.O., 1887, C. 142), be it therefore enacted as

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portment, which secured the afiiectionate esteem of his cotemporarics and

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sustained over even a short period of time on the part of the conscious

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The investigations of Baumann have shown that in healthy

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cause of the discrepance between this and his former experi-

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toper ; though, individually, if the btter were to indulge as copiously as c'003

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The Fontanelle Pulse} — In the young child the brain, surrounded by

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deposits a copious sediment of mucus and phosphates. Has occasional slight cough ;

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bowel, and it operates probably in two ways — it checks secretion and

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every physician, therefore, regard it as a part of his

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Of the third series operated on by ligature of the sac

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hear of running at the nose and watering of the eyes during the attack.

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and, acting upon the letter rather than the spirit of the ancient law, they have

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Acute pulmonary tuberculosis is a contra-indication to change of

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similar fluid drained off. This contained no micro-

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Because there are more cases of appendicitis than any other serious

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real diseases. [Wien. Med. Presse, Vol. XXXVIII, page 1214.)

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either of these routes remains open, speech is possible ; it being of course

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(i.e., a recent one), but on one dried in the sun for three

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the blood-pressure. Tutin is tha glucoside obtained from the tutu plant,

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the direct action of the bacilli, being analogous to

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sunstroke the face is red and the skin dry and hot. There is high


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