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The origin of the pigment is obscure. May not the pigmentan
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commonly appears upon the labia majora but at times the inflam
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tines as very dilute solutions of sulphate of zinc act on an inflammed
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the constitution may possess some peculiarities or idio
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powers by alcohol beef tea etc. Boiled milk was the special
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many cases of neuro recurrence. In the ear the spirochiete foci resist
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symptoms may develop silently the high susceptibility of
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invasion the search for a more remote source of infection
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the fact that according to various statistics from to
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above that the disease is not situated in the uterus we
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ical literature. To add to its usefulness as a work
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the fact that the urine is often improperly examined and frequently
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examine the apparatus to see that it had not been deranged
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where the art of cycling has made in a single generation
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hog it proves fatal and healthy hogs will contract the
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who worked with the diplococcus of pneumonia and the B. pyocyaneus
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he operated from the second to the twelfth day following birth in two
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complicated recovery. For the first ten days over a quart of
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of the sole or prick after the wounded part has been
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invariable the elimination of the morbid matter should follow a natural
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being omitted. Dr. Ballantyne in addition to exercising general
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sluggishly when exposed to the light the pupil was drawn a little downwards
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frequency of rupture into the trachea bronchi and lungs.
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attacks were similar in outline to those noted occurring at the Johns
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The drops recommended above contain atropine or belladonna
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magram showing the manner of de thrombi situated in arteries. The leucocytes in
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At the autopsy both lungs were found tubercular through
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In children of weakly constitutions badly fed and especially when
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who received two hundred and seventy grains in thirty
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the following morning to see her father who seems poorlj
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citis that an oporation was undertaken which disclosed
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but no eggs were found either free or in the females.
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treatment. Still I do not know whether this will be ac
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Present state. The patient is a well nourished fair com
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tumours are to be found presenting every conceivable gradation between
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the cattle of different owners are turned out together at
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perfoetation can be explained by twin pregnancies there
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possible the confinement takes place under a spray of the same
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to the poor must we explain the necessity of thorough
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ings and by perspiration. If the affected part is scratched
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iron and nux vomica are called for digitalis is likewise required.
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of milk by persons in poor health with germs of disease about them.


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