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the greatest importance in many cases of disease. In
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doses of eight or ten grains thrice dfiily. The earboiuate of UUii*'
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spoke, and I believe Dr. Beeler agreed with him, in regard to the routine
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though the colon bacillus usually outgrows and literally crowds it
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sick poor, as well as preventing other officers from exerting them-
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the powder, however, seemed necessary, and it was not
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gave an excellent illustration of the closure of this foramen by cicatricial
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It may be well to observe, however, that in looking straight forward
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1890 d. — Anemie pernicieuse des petits ruminants determinee par le Strongylus
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originates from a sharply limited and minute tuberculous focus, and it may also
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freely. After some hours (thirty-six since commencement of the
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London, is a capacious edifice of stone, occupying the site of the an-
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lutely sterile to all bacteriological tests, contained corpuscular ele-
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to 75° F. — 7ione hatched. (Control, see batch (b) under Heat.)
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protection from small-pox which the cow-pox conferred — a belief
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surgeon, the nurse, and the patients in the adjoining
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It may be well to observe, however, that in looking straight forward
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in size from 500 to 10,000 square feet, personally designed
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trophic troubles. Why do these troubles supervene ? Which are the
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they keep a sharp eye for the presence of disease to
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ceurse about it, or seeing it practiced, though its principles may be
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in the 53d year of his age. Dr. Griffith possessed fine talents ; in
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to the translation a full bibliography, commencing with the year 1495, for which


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