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was as if his tongue was moved rapidly through some soft substance with
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Health Sciences Center at Breckenridge. Mon-Fn Contact: Phyllis
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of a well-stocked barn or stable, within striking distance of a land
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favourable report of Dr. C. W. Suckling, M. R. C. P., as given in the
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55 millimetres, myocardium four millimetres thick. Left ventricle
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it can be properly acted upon by the intestinal digesting juices, it will
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Treatment. — The general management of symptoms and of trophic
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broad ligament forceps which the eye and hand can accurately adjust,
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and glycerin, which are absorbed into the epithelium, where they again
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out inwards. The same argument applies to erysipelas,
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permitted to return to his previous environment or avocation, but must
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water-tight. It would be interesting to learn bow many
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disease was not so concentrated and virulent as it gene-
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With Forty-five Illustrations. 1 vol., Svo, 750 pages. Price,
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surd. In mild climates Variola runs a mild course, except that of the
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cured, as we have said above, the cure acts on the local con-
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points in regard to the vexed question of the etiology of the disease
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twenty-four hours was 70.5^, on July 9. In 1894 the
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sloughing, and are only applicable when the keloid is circumscribed, painless, not
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subsequently in Salonica, where I also acted as Consulting Physician
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lary carcinoma, second in order is the adenocarcinoma, and
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should be named. Whatever may be the position of a limb, or
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solution when exposed to light rays, this suggested
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First Series — Cases of Internal Urethrotomy with Perineal
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prove that a minute organism is^ <*ie bottom of all
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azote, is hurtful to those who respire it, and that it is
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augury for the future, even should legislation do little
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CARDILATE (Erythrityl Tetranitrate) TABLETS (Scored)
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the cliildren of one family, all of whom succumbeil
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face of the mixture. This layer, examined by the microscope, showed
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I desired, and saved, as I have said, all their patients. The fear of poisoning,


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