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Post Surgeon at Fort Concho, Texas. — S. O. Sy. Headquarters
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fact that this is the present condition of the Academy,
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zymotic class. In the case of Dr. Flint's book he if?ill not be
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3. — The most popular remedies at present for use in in-
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containing some macrocytes and a small number of phagocytes. This exudate
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stage of the toxic clinical symptoms, the following factors have
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suppurating tract. The speaker believed it would have been
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while small doses raise it. Opium in some form should always be given when
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tively in the urine, in which it can be determined by the addition of
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becomes sunken and tender, especially along the course of the large
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boil for several minutes. At the end of that time they will be like jelly,
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\ ital powers of youth Ijefore they attain maturity,
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Medical Association, Minnesota Academy o] Medicine and Minneapolis Surgical Society
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mucous membrane was synchronous with the commencement of menstruation:
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vulsions, occurring under the influence of Protestantism. The
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A New Rectal Speculum. 1>> (,. A. Humphreys. fcf.D., NewYorl
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A teaspoonful to a tablespoonful (according to the age of
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five hundred cubic feet seventy-five men, at any rate
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previous modifications — a perforated tube was inserted into
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of food is allowed for mothers suckling their infants and for
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I shall offer what I believe to be an original and satisfac-
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teresting author gives on tiie first origin of lues, and the natural inclination
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a description of the leading doctrines embraced by several differ-
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which food can be taken by this method is wonderful. We
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tive to the germ of smallpox and other eruptive diseases,
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diarrhoea, headaches, attacks of palpitation, of sneezing,
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very closely veurotic eczema of tlie hands and fingers, the lesions of
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closer resemblance to the Lymphodermia perniciosa of Kaposi, which is,
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the complex of violet and ultra-violet, are, theoretically at
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It is of interest to note here that this was the only time I ever
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often coming on quickly when food is taken into the mouth. The mode of explaining the phenomenon is equally
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