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beverage which, besides its own nutritive qualities, is as
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Scarcely a footprint was discernible. Absolutely nothing had
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Mkdical Society of Lokdon, 8 p.m. Mr. Teevan, " On Impotence.'*
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sutlicient nourishment, alcoholism, and, in addition,
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helpful in detecting subtle injuries and should be routinely
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should always be looked for. The patient is much gratified by
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Dr. George Johnston, master of the Dublin Rotunda Hospital from
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some men who always like to amend everything. I knew a man in the
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resented in the 1974 budget as presented and recom-
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From the third London edition. 12mo. pp. 400. Phila. : Lindsay & Blakiston,
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decidedly the general course of the affection, and these are based upon such
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Leprosy in British Columbia (Editorial). Ontario Med. Journ., Toronto, August, 1893, ii.,
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the authorities, whether it is not advisable to estab-
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in the globulin fraction. They may readily be precipitated with am-
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charged in eighteen hours. The patient was a mulatto woman, be-
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thought the pains in the chest were occasioned by the very damp
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by retrograde catheterization as well as intravenous contrast media ... 24 hours
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the intra-ocular pressure is well-marked after section of the fifth, it is by
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bat of the longest duration, continuing from January, 1855, to March,
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nausea occurs without vomiting, and may persist until the disease is
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which could be traced to nothing else than his great and needless
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In one of the other two cases of doubtful use, a person, aged fifty-
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when the vomitus is allowed to stand. If the vomitus at this interval
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depends partly upon variations in the extent to which the vessels communi-
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Friday. — Perfectly easy and conscious ; no discharge ; no haemor-
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golden band ; " it is not often that we meet." Looking
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not to permit the cancerous cervix to enter the peri-
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form of influenza and resembles very much septic absorption from
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Superadded abnormal sounds. The bronchial sounds may
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peculiarities as puerile breathing, and is heard over a lung
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under cough, dyspncea, a feeling of tightness across the upper part of the abdomen,
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ment of the spleen or liver, which occupied their normal position. Traced back-
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" turn" of life, except that this regularity is interrupted by
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that even if the pi^esenoe of thase cells is admitted as indispensable, it by
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railroad station today, he would find a city of some thirty thousand
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3. Since digitalis contracts the uterus and blood vessels,
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Medicine, Ireland, believing that a large number of infant children
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loss of consciousness followed by deep coma from which the patient
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so-called hair crepitation, caused by the displacement of the hairs under
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