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expressed, this review of the tonsil question is really one of the
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the day to keep a " look-out," although at night he groped about
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large amount. The restlessness soon became less, the patient looked better, the pulse
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both legs, foetid and painful. Dressed with therapol under
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the modern works on parturition, or the plan of Mr. Cohen of Ham-
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finally the following conditions of the tongue will assist in making up the
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Paralysis. Varieties, general paralysis hemiplegia paraplegia
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degeneration is not marked. I report the case because I want some light
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give diaphoretic powders grains two, every two hours. Keep
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firmly glued. In these adhesions some greenish lymph may be found ; but
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The injudicious use of irritating drugs, especially Cantharides
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the disease. Of the entire number of reported cases
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tunity for besmirching the characters and reputations
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in three. The kidneys, spleen, liver, and lungs were con-
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1' 11.. .: i :. t iiinji t e.iilillii;i;i!r.l ti u -
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suddenly become mute shows the hysterical nature of the mutism. This
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wards replaced by cold or warm compresses. The patient should be most
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into the right bronchus. Amongst the number of foreign bodies
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Wherefore, we must administer thick honeyed water, without dilution and strained ptisaa
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fits of their stay, the course there given will undoubtedly
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intake, and particularly the analysis of single specimens, may be
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being passed through the tissue just outside of the cervical canal from before
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(pueumogasiric) influences the secretions of pancreatic
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becomes red and sw^ollen. The redness rapidly deepens into a crimson
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mental condition of the patient be considerably impaired. Tumours
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my views on the subject (especially as my conclusions are not
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Again, omphalitis ; bone diseases ; parturient phlebitis ; dis-
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ordinary cover-slip preparations they are often numerous, and are
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taken, but at 6 a.m. was 99.4^. Patient complains to-day of an indistinct
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nals in America is due chiefly to a substantial reason,
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with Mr. Bailey, as we would prefer going to sea for
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is a menace to himself and the whole organization until by frankly
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with human subjects, as the shape of the dog's leg is probably a disturbing factor and


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