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A delay occurs between the stimulation and the resulting movement, which is
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minutes the animal becomes insensible, appears in a state of
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tion. All judgments, founded on comparison, are, therefore,
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of the possibility of a fatal result as an immediate sequence of
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way diminish the hygienic value of the results referred to
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it has also an imperative duty to perform to those, who,
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diseased appendages, besides breaking up adhesions and allow-
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floor passes into the main foul-air shaft just below the register. There are
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ored and mixed with blood ; the pulse is 125, full and hard ; there is
tegretol side effects child
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Several weeks ago I was hurriedly sent for, and found
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salol (gr. 20), wood charcoal (gr. 30-60), or )9-naphthol.
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ally, however, there is some local softening, and later neu-
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Definition.— Plague is a septicaemia caused by the Bacilhis pestis,
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for she was not informed of her sensitiveness to cat hair and loiister
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practitioner wishes assistant. Partnership at once, if
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minims. After a few doses, the exudation ceases, and
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somewhat the lymphocytes exhibit an increased resistance to re-
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such as leeches, cold compresses, etc., sometimes relieve the local dis-
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'From Gordon and Hood, 2 Centers for Disease Control. 4 - 5 and Cherry. 16
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RingiDo^^in. — If the accounts are to be relied upon, ringworm is exten-
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for example, is much greater than in the non-pregnant. According to
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a downright fact may be told in a plain way; and we want
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the cotton plugs. The tubes were then incubated at 37.5° C. for
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iiiorliiis, .sliewiny its nature, uiid suogegtiug the
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thesia of Its ulnar nerve : extension made ; marked rise In tempera-
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rheumatic erythema, including the varieties erythema
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had been prepared. President Young presided and after the inner man and
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cases of meningitis occur with infection with either type of meningococci.
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the homoeopathic asylum at Middletown have been such as to
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Subsequent History. — This patient is able to extend his leg or


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