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venous congestion, and this, together with deficient oxygenation of thi

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with pulmonary phthisis, is an intercurrent affection.

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separated intervals may make quite a different showing. During

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soldiers similar to that already provided for English soldiers at

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that the amplitude of the pulse did not correspond with the force of

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general anesthetic, if a child. Never try to operate under a local

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of secondary atrophic rhinitis if we removed too much

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la a word, the cause is gaining ground rapidly at present.

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may be formed in the lower cul-de-sac — cinders, etc.

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Ball's case (26), the fragments were 4 inches apart.

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lowing history : The man, whose father died of locomotor ataxia

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stable, to oblige them to walk and to graze, and lastly to always keep in mind in

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columns of the journal, should be addressed to the Ed

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Russell double sugar for B. typhosus, B. paratyphosus

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as measles, typhus fever, and scarlatina, provoke the disorder (infectious

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the result of structural defect and methods of compensation,

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taining few bacteria will contain proportionately few or no harmful

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prominent in well-defined cases. The respiratory symptoms are those

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weeks, during which time he was nourished by enemata

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irritation. The subject was hypnotized ; one piece of the same plaster

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the temptation to accept the new idea. In Glasgow, at least, a

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rumination. In one patient the condition of the stomach

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French original. Am. Journ. Med. Sciences, Jan. '69.

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rendered medical aid to his son, for the value of which

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the real condition of the insured not having been made known to them at the

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water for its antipyretic effect. The ** tank" con-

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He was fitly mourned by the entire village, and all

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revealed a large single abscess occupying the whole left lobe.

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mechanical arts in which it is used. Acciunulating in the lungs, it causes

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frequently denied. A few years ago, Koenig again called

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that typhoid not infrequently limits itself to the bile passages, and this not-

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opposite the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth ribs, particu-

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On the Nature^ Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of acute

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accused in a charge of murder. The following case occurred in Ireland m

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is opaque at the end of the first week. The cases in


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