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elimination does not commence until after the third
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intestinal fermentation diarrhoea dysentery and as a ver
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a state of health but not for those suffering from disease.
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Probably constitutional weakness or dyscrasia acts as a pre
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fession nor shall he hold any other position to which emolu
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of pasteboard. Union was brought about at the end of six weeks
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it should never be used except in regions in which the disease has
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kind of rambling stupor from which the patient can be aroused bv
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resented the Veterinary Department of the University of Penn
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attacks but after about a month s interval as she was one evening
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mediate extraction on account of the vessels and nerves which might be wounded
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the general tone of his arguments which are sound enough so far as
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is thrown into the system. Whether this can be done
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in nine cases out of fifteen but Fraenkel Simmonds Seitz Lugatello
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production of lung edema after intravenous epinephrin injections in
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did contain complement and those which did not was much more
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The need of better methods for the lessening of great losses among the
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guinea pigs it may cause suppurative inflammation. In human beings its
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having actually imbibed a sanguineous cocktail we may conclude
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ion became necessary and resulted in the evacuation ot
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with parts of glycerine. They are wrung out and allowed
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journal or any desire to discourage us in our work. We prefer
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rence or rather of the continuous growth of portions of
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Formerly it was considered that abductor paralysis was one of
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too severely damaged. It appears that the paralysis which follows a
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goitre bTthe diutDtotr tion of tbTmui gland Ibteetiologf of
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ment of the disease and its comparatively rare occurrence during its
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theory and practice have been deeply rooted and in Ireland have been
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flattened ribs are approximated to the lung having gone half way to meet
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pare it out to the bottom and apply solid extract of


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