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among the latter are included gun-shot wounds. The first step in all
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Sources and Nature op Water Pollution and Infection :
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- I am about to publish elsewhere two remarkable cases, which I have had an opportunity
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him of a load of earth. The old man had an extremely feeble
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frictions, should be repeated every three days for a fortnight or so, or until
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chronic gastritis with frequent attacks of vomiting and
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ence of the leucocytosis, however, has been supposed
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the digestive process, which so often suffers in these cases. It is also very use-
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vulgar phrase, is up to these cases ; and he wished to see her try to
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mortise and used screws or wire to hold the bone ends in apposition.
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was sutured in place, so that a ureteral fistula remained.
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individual becomes acutely ill, as he does of any other acute
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leave large stains which ultimately pass into shallow, flat, white cicatrices.
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was objected to, solely on the ground that he was believed to be
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early loss of strength, and when the discharges are abundant, or the
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mailing list to Managing Editor, 30 N. Michigan Ave., Chi-
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great vessels) the tones are represented by the signs ^ J_. The phase
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multitudinous forms that syphilodermata may assume.
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atmosphere is filled with fumes, but that not disagreeably.
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mass in each cerebellar lobe) there were tremors, especially of the right
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■question is of their capacity and their bulk, the left is far
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his family, he is close to a hot fire in a stuffy one-room
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long in a case observed by Dr. Grreen, and recorded in
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aphemia (what he calls " subcortical aphasia ") mostly found to be due to
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practitioner in adult medicine and gynecology, a nutritionist
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Medical service. It was our duty to indicate and condemn
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sounded like bone when struck by the handle of a knife. It measured
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lay soft eggs, or eggs without shells, you should put plenty
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many of the symptoms have disappeared entirely, and it has been more


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