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kidneys were very pale and anemic. The present case disagrees


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per vaginam and per rectum. She asked if atrophy of

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ference to mercurialised peptone. In M. Martineau's

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1 case Dr. E. D. Ferguson, of Troy, performed trache-

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posterior surface of the spinal cord with the dissection identification of

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to abandon the higher route, and when dealing with sarcoma the question

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present, and would have subsided in a few days, independently of treat-

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whole left side of the thorax ; while at the same time the

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by referring to the inventory contained in the grant to Sir Thomas Cawarden ;

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profession and society in general have sustained an

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who not only was a master of theology but wrote upon every

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ago: "Let a man look into physicians' prescripts and

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acute hemorrhagic nephritis. Senator observed it "a few times."

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Colon Stasis. — Mrs G., aged 34, was sent to me by Dr Veitch of

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clinically it has proven of great service in the following

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by the lymphatics, and that this nutrient excess is largely charged with

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quate, and he calls upon the Government to come to his aid ;

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smears were taken they were numbered with the ordinary soft

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rise in serum K"^, compared with matched controls. In

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(Meynert, ** Psychiatry Transl. Sachs.," pp. 268 and 269,

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an increase of lymphocytes (Gutig) and increase of eosinophilic myelocytes

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keeps the surface greased and slightly stimulated will

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great surgeon had had an attack of apoplexy. When he

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specialist in Janesville for over 40 years, died April

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ery, and he attributes this result not only to the drainage of

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for a limited period, but examinations extending over several days show that,

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(Rap. de Chauvel] ; Bull, et mim. Soc. de chir. de Par.,

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dominal pain in dift'erent degrees. The normal type,

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insufficient to cure any of the therapeutic controls; (2) that the

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being given over prolonged periods. The oxygen is warmed b}-

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must be extremely limited in scientific investigation.

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return to school." On the other hand, a gentleman of wide

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render it difficult to find the ligatures, which were removed

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