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Nouvelles Observations concernant Taction therapeutique de
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autopsy was made under great difficulties. Healed and
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ing was gradually regained and the opening in the stomach closed. The
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ber to have seen recorded is one related by Orfila fatal
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theorizing way in which the climatology of phthisis has been
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symptoms of amaurosis continued increasing and in a short time attained its
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of an efficient primary mechanical cleansing and exposure of the
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they throw new light upon the nature and origin of the fish poison.
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by the deeper colour of the margin of the cervical mucous Immg which
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for the tertian eight and forty for the quartan sixty two
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qualified medical men are allowed to practise dentistry
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grew. The natural system of Jussieu which arranges plants accord
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refer. The addition of the coloured paper is we think a de
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avoids oxidation by the air the authors have under
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platinum pins four in number which had connected the two lost
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trite that little more need be said upon the subject. No doubt
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greatest indignities beyond almost the sufferance of
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falls to eighty or seventy. To remove the membrane we employ the
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are sent at once by mail to the Provincial laboratory and the
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but on exposure to the air it quickly turns colour and
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Garfield Arthur Piatt Kingston Stuart MacDowall PoLson
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These varying results may be due to the occurrence of chronic inflamma
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fresh life there and take away the pain and tenderness.
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considerations as he has found in the patients treated that re
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whole countryside was a maze of galleries undergroimd with
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warmer than the thigh to the extent of one tenth of a
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ing lights and how dependent it is upon them for its
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of modern civilization. It should not be forgotten how
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the action of unantagonized muscles brought about by this cat
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hock joint and in the little oil sacks so plentifully supplied
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in the former case is in many cases not applicable. On this
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are vain and ignorant. It is our duty as teachers to set the
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factors. Whether their agency is an indirect one through the medium
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sometimes so degraded as to justify the idea which underlaid


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