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pupil of Fabricius d Acquapendente. If he remained silent
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absence of such a primary lesion were incapable of causing the lesion.
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and forearms and the bones of the feet and hands. The result is
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Accordingly the women of France compared with American
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produced no irritation though the patients returned to their usual
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I think have been heretofore regarded by most oculists as
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must keep his hands and feet in Ixjttor position. Why
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duction of the catheter immediately after urination is of prime impor
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riotomy performed on patients aged respectively seventy
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The clean tip of the finger passed under the lid and nictitating
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after prolonged fevers this explanation is not satisfactory and one is
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II. The influence of pathological conditions and of drugs on excretion.
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Death generally results within a year of the commencement of the
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drawing his nourishment as a plant and made ripe for
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nal will not however cease he will furnish for its pages
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tions as certainly favor the development of the disease and hasten its


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