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are to be repeated and about talented faculty for potential use in future

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placed about it passing upon the inner side just above the

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much for him if their respective positions were ever

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traced by a certain amount of superficial redness and by evident swell

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in the subcutaneous tissue and on the peritoneum where the injecting needle had

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spirillum and that the International Sanitary Conference

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of no service. In one case of severe recurring tetany a single injection

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person to undergo vaccination Joseph Meister had fin

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trembling of the lips and tongue attacks of gastralgia different

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alive and well and that even if it did develop rabies several weeks

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through excessive straining. Most frequently it happens

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found favor with some writers notably with Geddes but

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ing examination difficult. I prescribed atropine and a shade

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than for the Navy. or for civilians. this relationship

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sidered necessary by the people and the Board of Health of

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ily is visited once a month. Nearly every child reports

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request hence and from the facility with which it is adulterated

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This has been particularly noticed in the cures at various watering places.

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infectious or toxic agents which incite that condition are quite

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From the division of cardiology Department of Internal.Medi

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of the Commission being impressed by the results of his investi

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uvula through which the posterior wall of the nasopharynx is distinctly visible

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from his own pen be counted to him for righteousness. And may

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neat volume well indexed and contains various functional tests of organic efficiency

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Elm Flaxseed crumb of bread meal and other poultices which were

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On tlxe Administration of Belladonna and on certain Causes which

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heat or cold in the neck chest and upper extremities

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catarrhal in form or rather in origin which has been habitually de

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extirpation affords but a sUght chance of ultimate safety to


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