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the superficial layer being raised into numerous papillae.

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This then accounts for the severe symptoms the aching

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lected as glandular hypertrophy in the pharyngeal vault.

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the lumen of the bladder. For this reason Gotz believes the disease

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ripples of activity our massive movements also occur in diurnal wave lengths.

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Treves has pointed out the anatomical changes in the colon that almost

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in no instance has it given origin to a race resembling in

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ments of Physician and Assistant Physician are vacant. The qualifica

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a few times. With the probe thus prepared every portion of the tonsillar

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Carbolic Acid and Alcohol. Judd records eleven years experience

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effused into the interlobular structure although it has escaped

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dietary standard was founded on habit and instinct was

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School Assistant Attending Physician City Hospital New York.

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j. MIUSTD. mnimm Sanitary Standards for Shell Egg UmMnhmnu

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everything they eat hence the possibility of restricting the diet as long

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to occur. It is because of the neglect to recognize this definite

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but passed his time stretched across a table and at night

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lectures with demonstrations clinical teaching and practical teaching in subjects involv

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flammation of the meninges of the cerebral arteries of

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ribs of the left side. Adhesions throughout right pleural cavity Huid

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ditions favorable to the growth of the bacterial flora

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In abdominal surgery the anatomy of the incision in the linea alba

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reactions to accommodation and to convergence are consi rved. Thus the

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tears usually heal themselves. If there should be great difficulty in get

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on the blood and the lungs and those occurring in man in epidemic


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