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the patient, peculiar idiosyncrasies, pre-existing diseases, the
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from this spring, several families, rather than carry
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vomiting which it produces when administered in large doses are due to some
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whisky and strychnine to support the heart ; nuclein and protonuclein in
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due to trauma or irritation by use, rubbing, etc., so that the patients should
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in the declaration the damages are laid at .i'3fl()n. — Mr.
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rural communities because the irregularity of attendance is greater
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abnormality, constriction by a band of the phrenocolic ligament,
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toms do not denote loss of blood, when there are no grounds, aside from
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the various phases of development exhibited by different bugs, this may
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that the deaths from influenza are usually due to some preex-
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haps exclusively, operative in the production of the disease, are
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out of the way. The parotid and submaxillary glands were next
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country districts have no reason to be alarmed regarding physi-
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formed at Paris, either within the fortifications or at a maison de 8ant6 at La-
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half, although, compared with normal pulmonary reso-
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been a great advance and has doubtless come to stay, but it
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functions of the circulation and respiration. And even if it be true that the blood is
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be introduced under the cuticle ; but this, he fays, *' cannot
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his studies upon pellagra reached the same conclusion.
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softenings ; but as constituting the sole lesion, and occasioning an ex-
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quantity, and occasionally it has been observed to be
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sition to tubercles. When adopted for the removal of this state


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