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Burserias, in 1785, Fehris nautica ; Blane, in .17.S'.), Infectious Ship-

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muscles on the same side of the body, for when they are cut

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worship, a veritable making of our " Father's house

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had become involved. The patient was completely relieved on the left

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bein/equal decompose more readily than those of adult* In regard to

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was perfectly smooth, and presented neither tearing nor ulceration.

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of pathological conditions are open to modification.

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there is a tendency to local hemorrhage, the hemorrhages being merely secondary

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danger to have been greatest for adult patients, and for infants under

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p. 176), who contrasts the results of examinations of fifteen cases of tubercu-


by suturing the serous surface of the csecum on each side

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vomiting : all his patience and bravery were utterly exhausted.

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power as shown by the grip of the hand or weakness of foot muscles. In more ad-

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opposes it. When a spot of embolic softening is stained with extravasated

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the building of the West Quadrangle. The scheme was

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and in out-of-door exercise. 1 In addition to all the

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appreciate at their true value curative measures of a

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and the result encouraging. Photophobia, so distress-

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I wish to personally and officially thank every man who has appeared

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used directly. I am giving it in much larger doses and

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of the fittest preserved the naturally immune, at the expense of the

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Medical Lectures, with their scrap of paper tied round. I was

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that surface from which the dura mater was separated.

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vulsions than in their frequency. As to the time of oc-

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in the arteries, round-cell infiltration, and thrombosed veins. In some cases

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exceedingly intractable form of disease ; while upon the hairy

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fever. Two fatal cases of this form are reported from

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— the failure in sharp near vision that comes on at about

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death. In typhoid fever, even in abortive cases, the reaction is al-


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