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silkworm-gut sutures and superficial catgut sutures were
every one ought to be aware that variations in the temperature
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mortality of the disease, so, paradoxical as it may
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G. L. van Roosbroeck — Boileau, Racine, Furetiere,
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^Vhen writir. Advertisers please mention The American Journal jf Clinical Medic
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Crowley, Kathryn Ann. Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.
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peculiar leathery consistency. Concentric hypertrophy occurs as a
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cases one might have' expected severe syphilis from the initial symptoms.
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« Brudenell. Exton. Seft. 3. pag. 117, 11?. * Noortwyk de
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fcetus above described, she died of acute peritonitis. On the autopsy,
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very simple, bland, non-irritating, and readily digestible.
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from the first mentioned cause have occurred in Massa-
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the risk of operating is small in comparison with that of waiting, for an in-
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but in which influenza bacilli were mixed with other organisms in the menin-
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vantages of the new instrument, and placed it in the
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of childbirths. Indeed it was not until the year 1913 that the subject
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Use of Living or Dead Cultures. — As we have previously stated, the
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not of an acute character, but two may be required under special
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3. Chemical irritants, e.g. the inhalation of irritating gases or vapours
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should be at night. When the puppy is two or three months old
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bandages from the foot to the elbow, and placing in slings
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||n the literature. One patient, reported by Cox, had a
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Concerning those cases, evidently dependent on gout or rheuma-
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exercises, such as bicycling, rowing, canoeing and golf-
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Thiazides may decrease serum FBI levels without signs of thyroid disturbance. .
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storm. Twenty-four miles distant, in the town of New Gloucester, the atmos-
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On section, pearly gray nodules, some with a peculiar yellowish- white centre
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neous with an improved circulation in the kidneys which allows
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authorized English adaptation, by William Gaynor States, M. D.,
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mill, a carpenter shop, a cattle-receiving yard, and a fac-
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up, and thus the residual albumen would be much larger and,
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pathology of epilepsy in the human subject ; and I conceive that
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cormective tissue, but it was not actually divided. The nerve
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cination in London, under the direction of the Local
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For ease in inserting, I have had constructed a peculiar power-
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collection, documentation, transportation, treatment, disposal,


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