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Floods 1931
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Sir Robert Philp
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Opening of Toowong Library
Railway Station c.1900
Sisters of Mercy
Poster - Sale of the Glen Olive Garden Estate from 1924
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Local Area Plan

On motion of Dr. McLean the following resolution was adopted

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medullary carcinoma of the thyroid. Arch Pathol Lab Med .

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application should transcend the limits of the affected part by about

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newspaper regarding the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling

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corresponding diminution in value. That portion of it occupying

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brain as delirium tremens insomnia may be brought on by intense

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dition can be determined he claims only by microscopical examination.

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was very prostrate when admitted and the febrile symptoms

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deserves the highest credit for the manner in which he has carried out

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to the base hospitals. Sanitary conditions also were had

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The combined earning capacities of the families were

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brother of the patient. Six injections were given the total amount

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it is found on the trunk of the nerve like the ganglia on

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laxed so that a small fold protruded still no sign of labor.

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tum is then lotisencd at the edges and sutureil to the

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enlarge the opening until it will admit a No. cathe

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with so many friends never forsook him and never once

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circulatory equilibrium that in effect it is equivalent to a direct blow.

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nor any irritation of the bowels nor any unhealthy state of

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are frequently ascribed to malarial contamination and the

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coronary artery. It was difficult to describe this color

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and he developed an empygema which has been treated in the

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of the brain does not throw much light upon its functions. When

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A Clinical Lecture delivered at the Jefferson Medical

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This affection runs a more virulent and obstinate course here than

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diplegia Demonstration of Florence s iodine test for semi


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