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tion with the hot bath and the application of olive

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with white opake lines, into w^hich the synovial membrane at

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1. The associated microbes may remain localized, e. g., in mixed

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is upheld by Wagner. But a little consideration viiW show that we shall

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weight of the body is transmitted to the foot tkrough it, it might,

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from the strictly carried out bromoform treatment no ex-

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blood above the puncture, in which direction, therefore, the in-

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The ventilation of the two is alike. There is only one fact that seems

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of contraction of the trunk, other circumstances remaining the same, the

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there occurred sudden and transient attacks of amaurosis attended with

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taking to bed peeling began and became general. When first seen, six weeks

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gus being permanently contracted, or contracting immediately upon

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of a sharp spicule from one or the other of the fragments, occa-

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apply to such diseases in any part of the body, and never to neglect or

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nexion between chronic uterine complaints and the scrofulous diathesis,

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due to isolated neuritis, but is a part of encephalopathic symptoms. In

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such as epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis, referred to under

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utes, with one exception it was thirty minutes or over, averaging forty-

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that, according to statistics, seven-eighths of all cerebral haemorrhages

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happens after extensive compound and multiple fractures.

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diseases, probably aortic obstruction is the least serious ; next to this,

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as believing that they should be admitted to hospitals.

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eleven on that night was in an almost hopeless state,

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was described to us very naturally as having " a nasty brack-

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at a public inn at Saltsburg, in the month of September, 1541, where he

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the effects ot her labour ; she must have something else the

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vastly superior to mercury, and as being one of the most potent weapons ever

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absolutely necessary, especially in a growing child in whom


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